CamVoice - Frequently asked questions

  • Private chat
  • Webcam Viewing
  • System sounds
  • System Messages (entering and leaving room alerts)
  • Sorting the Users List
  • Room creation
  • Chat doesn't display
  • Avatars
  • Webcam broadcasting quality
  • Bubble mode chat
  • Font size
  • Add a photo
  • Password
  • Profile
  • Send a file
  • Login trouble
  • Video size
  • Attach a photo in the chat
  • Block user
  • MP3 Player
  • Predefined Messages
  • Friend list
  • Become Member
  • Nick Name
  • Change Sex
  • Watching me
  • WebCam need
  • Contact a Friend by E-mail
  • Privacy setting
  • CamVoice contact
  • E-mail communication safety
  • Webcam status (on/off/pause)
  • Webcam privacy settings
  • Friends privileges
  • Cancel a subscription
  • Authentication failed
  • Exit a chat room
  • Webcam doesn't work
  • Personal page wall message
  • Change the chat skin and background

  • Q: Private chat

    Do you have private chat options?

    A: Yes of course, but must be a Registered Member to access that option!

    There are 4 options:

    • Send a private message by clicking on your friend's avatar in the Users List and select "Send a Direct Message" from the drop down menu. Then you type your message in the bottom text box and click the button that reads "PRIVATE" rather than the one that reads "Send." Your message will be highlighted and readable in the main text chat for your Friend ONLY.

    • Clicking on your friend's nickname will provide you with access to private messages in exactly the same way as clicking on his or her avatar.

    • You can invite your friend to join you in a private conversation within a private room. If your friend accepts that invitation, then a new room will open and you will be able to chat and have an exclusive cam-to-cam conversation with the invited friend.

    • Finally, you can create a password protected private room and invite only your friends inside.

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    Q: Webcam Viewing

    How many people can I watch or listen to at a time in this chat?

    A: Registered Members currently are able to see 8 webcams simultaneously in high quality streaming video and audio. Please remember that the video and audio quality is limited by both your internet speed and the speed of the internet the person you are trying to watch or listen to is using.

    Guest users are limited to watch 2 webcams only for a limited time of 60 minutes a day.

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    Q: System sounds

    How can I turn off the various audible alerts?

    A: Once logged in, look at the left side tabs and search for the one marked by this icon

    . That is the Settings Tab, and it is there that you can set your preferences for the sound alerts • You can turn chimes on or off for the following events:

    • For any New Message
    • For any New Private Message
    • For the Join/Left Messages
    • For the System Messages

    You can also adjust the volume level!

    Another way to enable or disable the sound alerts is located within the chat, on the bottom of the page in the box where you type your messages: the sound settings are marked with a bell icon along the top of that box.
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    Q: System Messages (entering and leaving room alerts)

    How can I disable or enable the entering and leaving the room messages?

    A: You click on the triangle symbol at the right top of the main chat window.
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    Q: Sorting the Users List

    Is it possible to rearrange the users list so that people with webcams are listed at the top. Is that possible?

    A:Absolutely! Just click on the symbol A at the top of the users list

    and a drop down menu will let you choose between 7 options:

    • User Name Ascended
    • User Name Descended
    • Login Time Ascended
    • Login Time Descended
    • Gender Ascended
    • Gender Descended
    • Has Cam
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    Q: Room creation

    How can I create a Room?

    A: Go to the main Home window (click on the top tab in the left menu) then click on the button "Create New Room;" in the window opened you can enter the Room Name, choose the Room Color, select the Access type (public or password protected) and finally write a Description.

    This functionality is reserved at Registered Members Only.
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    Q: Chat doesn't display

    I not able to get past the screen which says "Authorization" and has the horizontal blue bar moving back and forth, what I'm doing wrong?
    When i try to enter the chatroom it does not look it just leaves the page blank.

    A: You have to check 2 things in your browser:
    - Your flashplayer must be updated at the most recent version (min ver. 10.1.82)
    - Your flashplayer setting let store information from

    To check that is quite simple, go visit this page from the Adobe website:

    You must verify that the Flash Player version running in your browser is the most recent available, our chat require a version greater or equivalent at 10.1.82
    Not the version required? If need upgrade go to this page:

    You also must check that your Flash Player is Enabled at Local File input/output

    If not Enabled for Local File I/O, click on the chat with the right button of your mouse and select "settings..." in the small menu window.
    Will open a small window

    select the tab Local Storage and give authorization at store on your computer 100kb (see image above)

    If you are having trouble installing the Flash Player we suggest give a look at the Adobe Support at

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    Q: Avatars

    How can I change my avatar?

    A: Changing your chatting avatar is simple! Go to home tab (the top tab along the left of your screen). At the top of that page find "My Avatar" and then click on the icon. From that drop-down menu you will be able to select your preferred avatar and choose your nickname text color, too

    You can also access the avatar selection menu from the top of the text entry box in any of the rooms. Simply click the avatar icon and choose your new image.
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    Q: Webcam broadcasting quality

    Can I change my audio & video settings? My internet connection speed is too slow which causes my computer to freeze when I broadcast my camera

    A: Yes, sure! Go to the Settings Menu the

    icon, and select the A/V Settings tab. You will be able to select your connection speed and switch to your preferred web camera and microphone. Please remember that the video and audio quality is limited by both your internet speed and the speed of the internet the person you are trying to watch or listen to is using.
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    Q: Bubble mode chat

    I've read that is possible display the chat messages in bubbles, like in comics :) How can I enable that feature?

    A: Yeah, the bubble mode is funny! To select this option, click on the

    icon in the top left corner of the text entry box
    at the bottom of any chat room (if you hover your cursor over the icon it will read, "Select Chat Mode"). Choose "Bubble Mode."

    The color of your text bubble can be personalized in "Settings—>Font & Styles" (the settings tab is marked by an icon of a gear, and is on the left side of your screen).

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    Q: Font size

    I have trouble reading the text in the chat because it is too small. Can I increase the size?

    A: Sure, go to "Settings" (click on the

    tab in the left menu) and select the Fonts & Style Tab. From there you can select the font type and size (up to 18 pt.)
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    Q: Add a photo

    How can I add a photo at my profile and have it displayed in the Users List ?

    A: Your profile will look more attractive with a picture of you! In the Members' section select the Profile tab and you'll be able to upload a photo in your profile. Simple isn't it?
    If you prefer, you can also choose an image from our databank, many funny images are available!

    This option is available for Registered Members Only.

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    Q: Password

    How do I go by changing my password?

    A: Well, first we need to know which password do you mean.
    To navigate the Camvoice Members' Section at you must enter the username/password chosen when you've subscribed the service.

    This password, for security reasons, is NOT modifiable; you have to ask us to change it. Please contact us from the e-mail used to subscribe the service and write us the old password and the new password you wish modify. We will perform the change in a few hours.
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    Q: Profile

    When I click on any user's Avatar a menu opens and if I click on the "Profile" link the user' description appear. Where may I set up the informations displayed?

    A: Any Registered Member could set-up a public profile that display at any users his:

    • Gender
    • Location
    • Age

    and if clicked the "View Full Profile" link, a dedicated page will opens with a Full Profile description that include:

    • Member' Sexual Interests
    • City an Country
    • Msn / Yahoo / Skype IDs
    • A Social Network (i.e. Facebook) page URL
    • A descriptive introduction

    To modify these entries a Member must be logged in Members' section and select the "Profile" tab.

    This option is available for Registered Members Only.
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    Q: Send a file

    I'd like send a pic or a video of me to a girl... is it possible?

    A: Absolutely yes! Select your friend and click on his Avatar, then click on "Send File" in the menu.
    When the system window will open select the location where your file is, click Upload and wait until your friend accept your file.
    The CamVoice chat system automatically transfer your file to the friend's PC !

    This option is available for Registered Members Only.
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    Q: Login trouble
    I'm in trouble signing on the Members's Section. Every time I log in I have to type my email address, why?

    A: This behavior can occur for the following reason:
    The option to "Allow Accepting Cookies" is disabled in your browser.
    In this website is explained how mange the cookies settings:

    If you're not able to modify this setting, try access with a different browser, or update your browser at the most recent release.
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    Q: Video size

    How I can resize the users video window?

    A: You have to resize the video area, in the top of text area, look up the 3 points (...) in the video top bar, click and hold on it to resize.

    If you put your mouse on the window, you can also increase the size to a full screen video, just click on
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    Q: Attach a photo in the chat

    I've seen an friend post a picture inside the text chat, it's awesome, how can I do that?

    A: Is really simple! Look at the bottom text box and search for this icon

    and click on it, select "Attach Image" and then click the button "Browse" to select an image from your computer. Once uploaded you have two options:

    • Send it to ALL the room users
    • Send it to a Friend only in a PUBLIC or a PRIVATE message.

    Alternatively you could also attach a YouTube Video, when clicked on the staple icon select YouTube Video and enter the YouTube link. You could send the link to Everybody in room or personalized in a PRIVATE message.

    This option is available for Registered Members Only.

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    Q: Block user

    How could I block someone who is annoying me?

    A: For CamVoice let users chat in a calm and respectful ambience is very important.
    You could block an user in 2 ways:

    Add the user in the Block List, just clicking on the user Avatar/Name and select "Add to Block List" from the menu. This setting is stored permanently is you are a Registered Member. The User will be blocked to send you any message/file/invitation until you will unblock him.

    If are brodcasting a video, click on the user Avatar/Name and select from the menu "Prohibit Viewing Me", the user cannot see your video until you will unblock him.

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    Q: MP3 Player

    How is working the MP3 player?

    A: Is quite simple, just add at your playlist an mp3 file from the songs listed, if you would add an mp3 file click on the "Upload" tab and transfer a file from your PC to CamVoice (max file size 8MB), the file will be available for anyone in chat :)
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    Q: Predefined Messages

    I can use the Predefined Messages feature?

    A: Frequently used messages can be easily added or removed. They can be easily copied into text box input area by a simple click. Then press "Send" to publish it. You can input your own canned messages by launching the predefined message panel, clicking "Add" to add a message and "X" to delete one.

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    Q: Friend list

    Is there a buddies list?

    A: Yes, in the tab left of your chat is a "Users & Friend's" list. To add friends to your list, left click on their name and select "Add to Friends" Your friend's name will appear in the list. You can see if they are online and send them private messages by double clicking their nicknames. and select "Private Chat".

    This functionality is reserved at Registered Members Only.

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    Q: Become Member

    How do I upgrade to a CamVoice registered Member?

    A: Go to our Join Page and you can pay via Credit card, ClickandBuy, Phone or Paysafecard.

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    Q: Nick Name

    How can I modify my chat nickname?

    A: In the Members' Section, go to "Profile" enter a new NickName and click Save Info.
    To see the modication you need to reload the chat and login.

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    Q: Change Sex

    How can I change sex from female to male?

    A: In the Members' Section you will need to go to Profile and modify it with the correct sex.

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    Q: Watching me

    How can I see who is watching me?

    A: In the main chat window look up at the right for the "Users" menu and click on "Who's Watching Me" tab.

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    Q: WebCam need

    Do I need to have a WebCam to use CamVoice?

    A: No. You don't have to have a webcam to see people in video chat rooms, or in 1-on-1 connections, but it is unlikely anyone will want to talk to someone without a webcam. Webcams are now quite affordable and some can be found for around $20. You can also get a microphone for around $5. A microphone is not required for CamVoice either.
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    Q: Contact a Friend by E-mail

    How can I send a message to a Friend if is not online in chat?

    A: CamVoice offer you a private SiteMail, is an advanced user-friendly internal web site mailing system.
    If you wish send a message to a Friend, login the Member's Section, browse your Friends and push the button "Send an E-mail" in the Member Profile page, will open a new window and compose the message. Your Friend will receive a notification on their e-mail address about a new SiteMail message received. The SiteMail system will store a record of all your sent messages and of course all your incoming messages. If you are logged as Member, you will also notified in real-time when you have an incoming message.

    This option is available for Registered Members Only.
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    Q: Privacy setting

    I don't want get notified at my e-mail when a messages is sent to me, how can I disable the notification message?

    A: Simply log in the Members' Section and go to your "Profile", you have to uncheck the option "get notified for incoming e-mails."
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    Q: CamVoice contact

    I need contact us, which way do you suggest?

    A: We suggest send us a message filling this form:
    Contact Form
    We will respond to you within the next 24 hours (during work days).
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    Q: E-mail communication safety

    If I contact someone using your SiteMail system, my real e-mail or any personal information will be disclosed?

    A: We warmly suggest, do not give out personal information. To be safe, never give out details about yourself like your address or your phone number, especially when creating your profile. You may not know the person with whom you are chatting.
    When you send a message with our SiteMail your e-mail will NEVER be disclosed at your Friend, the message can be read ONLY when the recipient is logged in the Members's Section.
    The message sent with our SiteMail system is 100% anonymous, you can safe communicate with any others CamVoice Members.

    This option is available for Registered Members Only.
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    Q: Webcam status (on/off/pause)

    How do I turn the cam on?

    A: Just press on the button

    at the bottom of the chat window.
    When open the Adobe Flash Player Setting window

    click to Allow to let access your web camera. When you want put your cam in Pause put your mouse on the "My Webcam" window

    and click on the Pause button.
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    Q: Webcam privacy settings

    I want to exhibit in webcam for my Friends only, how can I do that?

    A: CamVoice respect your Privacy you can choose who can see your video/audio broadcast.
    You can modify the privacy settings clicking on the Eye Icon at the top of the chat window

    and select one of the following menu options:

    All Users (default)
    Members Only
    Friends Only
    Custom (manually accept/deny any request)
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    Q: Friends privileges

    I've been added as Friend, what advantages does it?

    A: First of all Friends accept Private chat invitation automatically. Also, you may allow access to your cam Friend when he/she set its video privacy settings to Friends Only (click here to read the faq related).
    You can also reply at any e-mail sent by your Friend to you (click here to read SiteMail argument).
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    Q: Cancel a subscription

    How can I end my recurring subscription?

    A: All CamVoice subscriptions are managed by thirth party payment processors so before proceed you have to know if you have subscribed the service with:

    Zombaio (click here to see it)
    CCBill (click here to see it)

    If you have subscribed the service withZombaio, click here to cancel it.

    If you have subscribed the service withCCBill, click here to cancel it.

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    Q: Authentication failed

    I tried to log in and it didn't accept my log in. I have current membership status, why I can't access?

    A: You're probably accessing the chat from the wrong access page.The Members' Section access is at this URL:
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    Q: Exit a chat room

    How do I exit a Room? I'm not sure how close out the Lobby Room.

    A: To leave a room is simple, just click on the icon

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    Q: Webcam doesn't work

    I have a webcam but don't work, how can activate it in this chat room?

    A: First you have to login the chat (as Guest or Regular Member), go to the Settings Menu the

    icon, and select theA/V Settings tab. In the option Select Camera find your own camera. Click the button Advanced and in the next Adobe Flash Player window check you have set your privacy setting as below:
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    Q: Personal page wall message

    I would write a message in my Friend' personal page wall, please tell me how do that?

    A: Post a Wall Message is really easy, just find the Member Page and click on the button Post a Wall Message, your message will immediately posted on the wall.

    This functionality is reserved at Registered Members Only.
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    Q: Change the chat skin and background

    I've seen in my Friend PC your chat with different colours and a funny snowy background..., how could be possible change the interface skin?

    A: To change the chat skin you have to go in the main (home) window and select the box here below:

    Select a new background image is also simple, once logged in the chat find out the icon in the text box at the bottom:
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