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5 tips to find a partner

"New year, new life" to reach new goals! What would a new year be without good intentions, promises made to reach a new goal, or more goals...

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Meet the right man online

This is a subject dear to many women, who when they are about to register at a dating site do so with the hope of meeting men who want to engage in a serious relationship.

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Enhance your image in the profile!

We all know that the profile photo is one of the key elements to attract the attention of potential partners on websites dedicated to love encounters.

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Men want more pamp..

Men need more cuddles and kisses than women, according to a study recently conducted in the United States.

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Is your love relationship..

Is your love relationship healthy? When we have a relationship of love, we often realize that we are in a problematic...

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Cardio Fitness improves..

Anyone, male or female, would like to have a better sex life. Good sexual activity has many characteristics, such as vigor, endurance and energy

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The 11 mistakes you can not do if you want to meet a woman online

Also on the web are the guides on "what to do to get to know a woman online". Before knowing how to move, however, it is good to do a little 'cleaning by renouncing all those behaviors..

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The 7 rules of the perfect profile

To know each other online you have to know how to present yourself. Whether our base is a dating site, a forum or a chat, it is essential to be "educated" respecting the netiquette, or the code of good conduct of the web.

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10 Red Flags Gay Men Cannot Ignore on a First Date

So you're getting ready to meet that hot guy from online. You're probably feeling excited, nervous, and everything in between. You might be so nervous, you start questioning everything from what you're wearing to if you should even be going on a date in the first place.

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