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Drops of Love...

Drops of Love...

I was talking to my grandmother yesterday, I was talking about that he who had betrayed me, wounded. And she told me: "You know, in my day when a man fell in love with a woman he loved her and always respected her. One day I was at the market, my grandfather and I had just met and we walked around holding our hands. At every stand something amazed me, bracelets, earrings, colors, everything was beautiful but at that time the money was missing and I could not afford anything".

When he took me back home he greeted me with a kiss, with the promise he would call me once at home.

And he did it, he always did it, he still does it now and it's been 50 years. The next morning near my bed I found a small envelope, inside there were a pair of beautiful earrings, of those I wanted to buy but I could not afford.

They shone the most beautiful thing I had ever received, so I read the note that said "These earrings are not a sign of my love, but the smile you will have when you wear them, yes, that will be the sign of my love".

Probably now such a thing would be considered too sweet by a man, when they do not know that to make a woman happy is not enough, just love it every day, without forgetting to call it, without betraying it, without lying to it, without leaving it alone. I know that perhaps it seems impossible to you that there is still a man like that now but I'm almost sure that somewhere there is still and do not stop looking for him, never stop. Because love is never tears, sadness, fear, insecurity, loneliness, never. Love is love, and if it is there it never ceases to shine. Do not be content with non-love, be brave and look for the real one. What no one has the courage to try.


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