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Is your love relationship healthy?

Is your love relationship healthy?

When we have a relationship of love, we often realize that we are in a problematic relationship when it is wearing out, but at this stage it is often difficult to get out of these dysfunctional aspects, because when we live them, we lose the objectivity that could help the couple overcome them.

To understand if a relationship has the conditions for defining itself it is healthy, the following parameters must be present:

- Openness towards the other must take place slowly and gradually, revealing more positive than negative aspects. Feelings and emotions will be expressed slowly, slowly.

- The proximity to the other is created progressively, gradually increasing the time to spend together.

- The demonstrations of love, empathy and affection are to be expressed coherently with respect to the point in which the relationship is.

- The commitment to be dedicated to the relationship and the trust to be given to the other are decided together and gradually. They are the result of constant negotiation.

- The presence of both common and individual interests is very important because it allows the couple to share common experiences and exchange their individual experiences.

- The physical contact must take place in a natural and positive way, progressively developing an intimacy and sexuality that lead to the well-being of both.

- The safeguarding of an individual autonomy, even when paired, is very important because it allows each person to bring out the best of the other and to help them achieve individual goals that are not related to the relationship.

- Conflict is necessary, but must take place with moderate tones and with a low frequency, its function is to make the relationship evolve towards a non-destroying growth.

- Communication must be clear and open, so that everyone feels understood and free to express himself without hesitation.

When we move away from these parameters either by excess or by default, we can create relationships in which the discontent of one of the two partners or both becomes frequent.


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