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Men want more pampering than women

Men want more pampering than women

Men need more cuddles and kisses than women, according to a study recently conducted in the United States.

We also add that an international study on long-term relationships shows that for women sexual satisfaction is the most important thing in long-term relationships: "The cliches are totally inverted" say the researchers and the couple, inside of his intimacy, behaves differently from what we see on TV!

The researchers interviewed 1,009 heterosexual couples in various parts of the world including the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Spain. The participants, aged between 25 and 76 years, coexisted or were married for at least a year.

"There have always been stereotypes, popular proverbs or jokes about the relationship of women with sex, but this study says that, for the average couple, sex is important and that perhaps it is also a little more important for sex partners. female, "says Raymond Rosen, co-author and chief researcher at the New England Research Institutes, a private research institution.

Moreover, this study also says that men, unlike the popular tradition wants them, that is, disinterested in kisses and caresses in intimate moments, are more "cuddly" than women when they are engaged in an important relationship.

The couples examined also showed that they are more long-lived, in conjunction with good female sexual satisfaction and greater male affective satisfaction. For women, a good sex life shows that the relationship works well and, above all, that it continues to work over time, despite the increase in age.

"This is an important study because it demonstrates first of all that human beings can have a really functioning sex life despite age," says Michael Sand, a sexologist who co-authored the study. "The information given by the press and TV for years on how women and men behave in a long-term relationship negatively influence us. Seeing man as a subject disinterested in tenderness and vice versa, attentive only to sex, next to a saccharine and "cuddly" woman, is a stereotype that does not correspond to the reality of this research but that is telenovelas stuff ".


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