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Follow these tips to stay safe on CamVoice!


  • 1 - To avoid having your profile stolen, pick a password with a combination of letters (capital and lower case), numbers and special characters.
    Here is an example secure password: TafD4587%#2.
    Do not use this password of course, please make your own.
  • 2 - Don't ever give out your credit card information on CamVoice via instant message, chat, or via email. CamVoice will never ask for your credit card information besides on our secure registration pages when you buy a CamVoice Gold Membership.
  • 3 - Don't show your email address in your user profile. Go to your profile "Privacy Settings" and check the box "Show my email address" is set to OFF.
  • 4 - If you don't want to receive messages from strangers, change your CamVoice status to "Privacy". In the chat interface click the black arrow next your Nickname to where it says "online" and choose "privacy".
    Now only users who you have added to your Friend list can contact you.
    If a user sends you a rude IM and your status is not in privacy, you can block them by clicking "Block" in the IM window and then give them bad feedback when offered.
    You can also change your CamVoice status to "Invisible" if you don't want anyone to see you are online. You can then go to "Settings" under the main CamVoice menu and add your friends who you want to see that you are online to your "Visible Users" list under the "Private" tab.
  • 5 - Never enter your CamVoice nickname or password into any software besides the CamVoice Apps or the website.
    If you enter your password and nickname into a website or software that is not related to CamVoice, then someone may have access to that web page and they might be able to access your CamVoice account.
  • 6 - Never buy CamVoice Gold Membership from any website other than
    If you buy from a website other than, the membership you are buying will not work at all.
    Please contact us if you see CamVoice for sale on a website outside so we can take appropriate action.
  • 7 - If someone in your family is between 13 and 18 years of age, you should always monitor their chat room activity carefully. Please visit for tips for users between 13 and 18 years old.
  • 8 - Don't post your personal information like your home address or your telephone in your profile. This information will be publicly listed in your CamVoice profile.
  • 9 - Don't open files from strangers. A stranger might send you a file and tell you it's a photo or some other thing you should see, but this file could contain a virus or a trojan that could allow any user to access your computer illegally.
    Never accept files from strangers. If you must accept a file from someone, be sure and scan it with up to date antivirus software.
  • 10 - Please report to CamVoice users who violate our Terms of Service by emailing the address on our contact page or clicking their profile and pressing the "Report Abuse" link.