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The 7 rules of the perfect profile

The 7 rules of the perfect profile

To know each other online you have to know how to present yourself. Whether our base is a dating site, a forum or a chat, it is essential to be "educated" respecting the netiquette, or the code of good conduct of the web. But above all it is good to keep a personal profile, well filled, clear and interesting.

Here are the 7 rules to create a perfect profile and attract new partners.

1. A photo that you speak

Every self-respecting profile has a picture. If we are registered on a dating site to betray, we will not be able to insert our image, which will have to be replaced with some anatomical details (the bust is better, better if dressed) or a beautiful picture or landscape.

If instead we are free as the sun, we insert a nice personal photo. Without being vulgar or peasant: just a nice smile, and if the first floor also includes the shoulders works better.

2. A beautiful description

In every self-respecting profile card, there is room for a description. As for the writing of a curriculum vitae, not all the descriptions must be equal. For example, if we are on a swingers site, our description will be "themed" but still polite and well written. In a traditional dating site, however, it is good to focus on a few simple ingredients: sincerity, unpredictability, clarity, irony. Describe ourselves for what we are, do not go too far but we do not run out of ideas too soon. It is essential to write in a correct English: otherwise a good 50% of women could abandon you only because of their inadequate form!

3. Positive tone

The temptation to complain is strong. But we resist by focusing on passions, values, exalting our positive aspects. Positivity (not free and excessive, attention!) Works because today is a bit of a countertrend, and people need to believe in themselves and feel motivated.

4. Imagination

Women love to dream. Let her fly with imagination by inserting beautiful gallery of paseaggi, great artists, cats (a must) and picturesque places. Then fill the profile with 2 or 3 quotes, better if smart and not discounted. That represent you, of course!

5. Know how to play

Self-irony is all about the web. An impeccable but serious profile will postpone the impression of an intellectual, calculating or boring person. In short, be ironic with intelligence and intelligent with irony. Make jokes about yourself or the person you are looking for, but do not overbalance yourself. You could play with rhymes, or look at things from a different perspective, mixing a little 'cards on the table'.

6. Sincerity

We have already mentioned it, but we want to reiterate it: to be honest pay. And let's not talk about that bitter and plaintive sincerity, a bit 'cynical', but sincere sincere and honest, nice. Say who you are and have the courage to joke about your faults: women appreciate sincere men, who do not do anything to look what they are not.

7. Tact

Even if you are on the hardest dating site on the web, do not be overdone. Women love being seduced, and they only admit the dirty things after the right preliminaries. Tact, therefore, and sensitivity, to warm up the climate properly without exceeding the time.


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