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Fight against destiny

Fight against destiny

I do not want to say that fate does not exist. Destiny is an opponent to fight every day without mercy. But I do not check it with me. I am not one of those who let himself be subjugated by him so laboriously by circumstances; on the contrary, I am delighted to struggle for what I want to achieve what I want.

I will give him proof that loving kindness has no rivals, and destiny will understand and one day or another he will put his heart in peace, because I will win this war.

He wants to make a useless war towards me. I struggled with all my nails and teeth in my life, I lost many battles and I won more, I learned that only one person can establish my destiny, and that person is I. Fighting oneself is harder than the trials of every fight, winning against oneself is the best proof of every triumph.

My overlying power knows even better than me what is better for me. I have also learned to pray or ask God to make what is more than just right for me to happen.

Things have changed over time, because I do not push my destiny too much, I just let things happen against my every wish, and I humbly ask for help from others for what I can not do in the saddest moments of my life.

Keep in mind, that if anything we need a helping hand, we will dig one at the end of our arm. In becoming more mature we will find that we have two hands. One to support ourselves, the other to support others.

And I trust that things will go in the best way. He writes a sage: "If a man is not willing to fight for his ideas, or his ideas are worth nothing..."


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