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The 11 mistakes you can not do if you want to meet a woman online

The 11 mistakes you can not do if you want to meet a woman online

Also on the web are the guides on "what to do to get to know a woman online". Before knowing how to move, however, it is good to do a little 'cleaning by renouncing all those behaviors that make us boring, unwanted or rude. Here are 11 mistakes NOT to do to get to know a woman online.

1. Use stereotypical sentences

Women love to feel the center of attention. There is nothing worse then, than contacting them using phrases and stereotypes like "hello bella!", Or messages that know how to copy-paste. To win a woman online you have to focus on exclusivity, and make her understand that you have guessed who she is and what her needs are (not yours!).

2. Be predictable

Directly connected with point 1, this "pearl of wisdom" will save your skin on several occasions. Do not be predictable, but be amazed, especially with words. Fundamental even in sexting , where everything is played via text messages.

3. Ask them immediately to go out or meet you

Ok, it would be great to find a girl you like on a dating site, ask her to come out and meet you the same evening. It would be nice, but this is not always possible. On the contrary: women can not stand those who are too "fast" and immediately ask to go out, in short, to "go to the point". In sex as in life they need long preliminaries.

4. Press it with continuous messages

There is nothing worse for a woman than the "glue" man, insistent and sticky, ready to send dozens of messages to ask for continuous confirmation. But pressing is not necessary: on the contrary, it is counterproductive.

5. Being vulgar

Unless you are on a hard dating site (and even there is little indicated), being vulgar will hardly bring you results. Yes, feel the call of the hormone, but also to talk about sex it takes taste and touch.

6. Talk only about you

Another particularly annoying category is that of self-centered men: everything revolves around them, all online conversations are about their lives, their needs, their passions. And who is listening to her? Sooner or later it will get tired...

7. Being complaining

We all feel the need to complain, to release the tensions experienced in everyday life. Chatting it sometimes creates a climate of solidarity, but not that warm, empathetic and welcoming atmosphere that makes a real feeling possible. In short: just complaints, it's time to think positive, look forward with realism and intelligence!

8. Send insistent requests

Linked with point 4, this "rule" invites you to always be educated with women, and to dose your presence by limiting it to the minimum. Remember: the woman wants to be desired, and feels more involved when you ignore her (on many occasions), than when you show yourself sticky and insistent.

9. Be ungrammatical

Yes, sometimes the body does its job very well. But an ungrammatical man has already lost a good part of his appeal. The solution? First use a grammar checker. And do not try to show yourself more intelligent and intellectual than you are: the risk is to provoke the opposite effect.

10. To be too condescending

Not sticky, as we said with 8. But not too compliant. The man who always says "yes" risks becoming his partner's doormat. And it does not activate those energies related to confrontation, conflict, the ability to know how to impose and use its locus of control.

11. Feeling inadequate

Basic rule: if you give in to thoughts like "I'm not handsome enough", "I do not have enough ..." etc. etc., already disadvantaged matches. If there is one thing, in a man, to whom women can not resist, it is the charism: it does not matter how old you are, how much hair you have on your head or if you have a turtle on your stomach: what matters is to be yourself, with spirit and grace, security and fluency. And try it with the girls who seem "too beautiful"!


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