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  1. To see or hear someone on webcam click on a webcam icon next to it.
  2. To go to a different room click on the "Home" tab an than the room name to join. Rooms with locks are private and require passwords.
  3. Only Premium Registered Members can create and host their own private rooms.
  4. To get better video quality setup your internet connection.
  5. If you find a user who send you inappropriate messages you may block his communications clicking on the "Add to Block List".

Common Problems

I can't access the chat.
If you are a Premium Registered Member click this link to access the chat.
If you are a Free Registered User click this link to access the chat. Forgot the Password? Click here
If you are a Guest User click this link to access the chat.
I'm using Chrome and the chat is not displayed.
Click on this link to fix the problem.
I'm using other Internet Browser and the chat is not displayed as well.
If your don't have Flash Player installed or is NOT enabled in your browser click on this link to fix the problem
I can't see others webcams.
As free user you can see the videos 60 minutes a day. You must upgrade as Premium Registered Member to have unlimited video time and display up to 8 live video sessions in the same time!
Nobody can see me but I have a webcam.
If you are sending video on Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, or another video chat program then CamVoice can't access your webcam. Please stop that other program.
How do I send audio?
You must have a microphone installed on your computer, then verify that the microphone level is high enough. You can check it in the Video Settings.
Someone is harassing me.
Select his nickname and click "Add to Block List" in the menu options to ignore them.
What are the Macromedia Flash Player privacy settings?
If you want use your webcam, our system must have access to the camera and/or microphone available on your computer. You must choose "Allow" when requested.
I want to send a private message to someone.
Select his nickname and select "Send a Direct Message" or "Invite to Private Chat".
This feature is active for Premium Registered Members only.
I'd like create a friend's room.
It doesn't matter, you may create many rooms you want!
This feature is active for Premium Registered Members only.
For others questions please visit our FAQ page

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